Building India

Healthcare has become one of India's most prominent sectors for both revenue and employment. The industry is expected to reach US$133.44 billion by 2022. Healthcare in India has and continues to experience considerable investment from private and public stakeholders who have increasingly focused on integrating technology into healthcare. Panelists will focus on India’s rapidly evolving health-tech sector and will discuss how new technologies will shape the future of healthcare and the lives of Indians across the country.

Philanthropy for Impact

The Impact Revolution, catalyzed by the Sustainable Development Goals and earlier Millennium Development Goals, is redefining the way we think about investment, entrepreneurship, and business. This expanding field has the potential to change billions of lives. India’s approximate $1 billion in annual impact investments touch the lives of more than 70 million people every year. This panel will focus on the growing social impact movement in India and the experiences of the panelists working in this field. Drawing on their expertise in this field, panelists will discuss barriers and opportunities to scaling social impact.

The Rise of Health-Tech

Much has been learned in recent years about the current state of Indian-American philanthropy and related trends. Research indicates that Indian-Americans volunteer more and donate less than the general American public. Donations and volunteering benefits India, local communities, temples, and higher education in both India and the United States. This panel will explore potential for growth in Indian-American philanthropy and opportunities to expand the real impact per dollar spent or hour volunteered. After a brief summary of the state of Indian-American philanthropy, the panelists will share insights on building on existing strengths, role models in philanthropy, as well as successes and challenges from their own experiences.

Social Impact at Scale

As urbanization and average income increase in India, so too does the potential for foreign investment in the Indian market. India’s growth includes the expansion of public, private, and foreign investments over time. From the context of India’s increasing infrastructure expenditures, the panel will focus its discussion on examining aspects of this growth story, from government efforts to real estate investment trusts and their impact on Indian markets.

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